Touch Fight mode detailed for Dead Or Alive 5 Plus

by: Nathan -
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Dead Or Alive 5 Plus for the PS Vita launches on March 19th and today, Team Ninja has information on the "Touch Fight" mode which is exclusive to the Vita version. The "touch fight" mode allows you to play the game in a first person mode where you touch and swipe to deal damage to your opponent. Using the Vita's touch controls will allow you to unleash huge combos and hitting a five hit combo will unleash a critical burst leaving the opponent open for more attacks. As an example, swiping upwards will launch the opponent into the air and pinching the screen will result in a hold. Opponents will react to where they are being attacked.

In addition to help players Team Ninja has also included several new training modes. Free Training allows players to choose what moves and combos they want to practice. Command Training allows players to practice each of the characters moves until they have mastered them all. Its pretty much the "trials" mode you find in other fighting games. Tutorial mode gives players the lowdown on basic moves to advanced combos with lesson and mission segments. Finally Combo Challenge allows players to select each characters key moves and combos till they become second nature. 

Finally we got a brand new batch of screen shots including the new cheerleader costumes. 

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