Top games & Deal of the Week on Direct2Drive

by: Adam -
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If you haven't heard about Direct2Drive's five-year anniversary celebration, than where have you been, and shame on you for missing out.  The five week event has recently ended, but for those who might've missed the fun there's still the Deal of the Week to look forward to.  This week gives us Light of Altiair, which is currently available for $5.

And if you're a fan of lists, here are the top ten games on D2D:

1 World in Conflict Gold Edition (D2D Turns 5)
2 Company of Heroes Gold (D2D Turns 5)
3 Supreme Commander Gold (D2D Turns 5)
4 Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising
5 Fallen Earth
6 Aion
7 Cities XL Limited Edition
8 Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition (Pre-order)
9 Battlestations: Pacific (D2D Turns 5)
10 BioShock (D2D Turns 5)
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