Tony Hawk Shreds his way into cell-shaded goodness

by: Jeremy -
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Tony Hawk games aren’t going away any time soon... just so you know. Even though the last game (Ride) was a commercial failure, Tony and Activision are getting right back on the board and hitting all of the major consoles with a new game later this year. Tony Hawk: Shred looks to take the series into a whole new direction as this installment will have players not only grinding the asphalt, but also the slopes as snowboarding is going to be featured in the game as well.

The first official screenshots from Tony Hawk: Shred have been released by Activision and the game looks to be taking a new graphical approach as well. The traditional, gritty graphics of the game have been dropped in favor of a more cell-shaded look. Activision has not yet stated whether or not the new game will utilize the Ride peripheral released alongside the last game. If it does, you can get one pretty cheap now days as I noticed that K-Mart is currently selling the Tony Hawk: Ride bundles (game and skateboard) for $39.99 this week.

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