Today's WWE 2K14 entrance/finisher reveal videos are worth... MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

by: Nathan -
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WWE 2K14 will be released exactly three weeks from now and 2K has updated their website with even more entrance/finisher videos for this years roster. 

First, we have the greatest big man ever to wrestle in the WWE, Andre The Giant, making his Wrestle Mania entrance before his bodyslam challenge match with Big John Studd. 

Finally, we have Titus O'Neal, one half to the Primetime Players making his entrance in the current day Raw arena. Titus even has the dog bark taunt which is absolutely amazing. I know exactly who I am going to play as first when I get the game. 

If you missed it, 2K revealed the additions for this years creation suite in a livestream including the new superstar heads feature, new arenas and stages for create an arena, and the ability to edit entrance attires in superstar threads.
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