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To-Fu: The Trials of Chi now available for Android devices

by: Nathaniel -
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Are you a vegan who likes to play with your food?  Do you boycott Apple because you're not that kind of hipster?  Does a game where you bounce a little tofu dude off walls and around various obstacles to collect things sound appealling?  Would you like to do that for 150 levels?

If you answered "yes" to every last one of those questions, then you definately need to know that Devolver Digital and their bat-guano insane CFO, Fork Parker, have made the previously iOS-exclusive To-Fu: The Trials of Chi available for all Android devices.

Watch the following video then dart over to Amazon's Android App store to download it for only .99 cents.



THE INTERNET – Fun-lovin’ gunslingers known for (most recently) the mayhem behind the Serious Sam franchise (XBLA, PC) and Serious Sam Indie Series (Android, XBLA, iOS, PC) announced today that HotGen’s multi-million dollar iOS title To-Fu: The Trials of Chi is now available for all devices on the Android platform, for sale exclusively on Amazon’s Android App store in the U.S. for .99 cents ( To-Fu: The Trials of Chi karate-chops its way onto the Google Play App Store in June for worldwide markets.

Citing 150 levels of awesomeness, To-Fu: The Trials of Chi has sold more than 1 million downloads on the iOS platform.

Harry Miller, partner at Devolver digital said, "Devolver Digital's partnership with HotGen Ltd. to bring the massively successful To-Fu: The Trials of Chi to Android devices is part of our strategy to work with the industry's most talented independent developers and bring their unique titles to a larger audience."

Devolver Digital’s expansion into mobile markets continues with this latest partnership with HotGen, with more announcements planned for 2012 across multiple platforms as the publisher continues to carve out its place in digital entertainment as a champion of unique, independent brands.

Miller continued, "Our team really enjoys seeking out genuinely original games on a variety of platforms and working with developers to figure out the best way to bring their titles to market and stand out in the crowd a bit."

Notorious CFO of Devolver Digital Fork Parker piped in, "There's this new hottie intern at the office and word is she's a vegan. I figured signing this To-Fu game might impress her and then I could work on cracking her resistance to meat, if you catch my drift."
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