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As they've done for most of their casual game releases, Nintendo is holding another publicity stunt near their world store in Times Square.  This one is for Wii Sports Resort, and to hype the release of their newest tech demo collection Nintendo is transforming Military Island into a tropical paradise.  There will be a sandy "beach," a pool and a lounge, not to mention plently of Wii kiosks to demo the new game.

Personally I'm getting a little sick of these hype parties.  I know WiiMotionPlus is a big deal (it essentially does what the Wii was supposed to do 3 years ago) and a new casual game is the perfect vehicle for getting the peripheral into every home that contains a Wii, but the bragging is getting old.  At this point third parties like Sega, HVS and Ubisoft are innovating more on Wii than Nintendo ever did, and events like this only show how arrogant Nintendo is.  What will they do when the Wii Vitality Sensor launches, turn Times Square into a fake emergency room? And when was the last time they hyped Zelda like this, or even Mario?

I think I'll skip Wii Sports Resort--the last thing I need is more shallow minigames for my Wii--and get MotionPlus bundled with Red Steel 2.
Nintendo Transforms Times Square into a Spectacular Wii Sports Resort

Simulated Beach Vacation on Manhattan’s Military Island Gives
Consumers a Dazzling Preview of Hotly Anticipated Game


Nintendo is transforming New York’s famed Military Island in Times
Square into an urban island getaway to celebrate the launch of the Wii
Sports Resort™ video game. On July 23, anyone who visits this
Manhattan landmark will be treated to a mini-vacation, complete with a
sandy beach, swimming pool and tropical lounge — all smack dab in the
middle of the city — plus a chance to play Wii Sports Resort in
advance of its U.S. July 26 release date. Based on the imaginative
Wuhu Island locale featured in the game, this interactive oasis will
also offer game demonstrations, giveaways (while supplies last) and a
bar serving tropical non-alcoholic drinks.

Wii Sports Resort is the next phenomenon in active-play gaming and the
first Nintendo game to feature the control enhancements of the Wii
MotionPlus™ accessory. While enjoying resort-themed in-game activities
such as swordplay, basketball, table tennis and archery, players will
experience the unique motion-sensing controls of the Wii system with
greater precision and accuracy than ever before. Just as the original
Wii Sports™ attracted millions of casual and nontraditional players to
the world of video games, the new Wii Sports Resort delivers an
inclusive, interactive entertainment experience that consumers of all
ages can enjoy.


Adults, kids, seniors, families, tourists, New Yorkers and consumers
of all kinds


Thursday, July 23, 2009
Event: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Military Island
7th Avenue and Broadway Avenue
Between 43rd and 44th streets, Manhattan, NY 10036


Crowds gathering on a tropical island in the middle of Times Square
Experts in various sports going head-to-head with fans in Wii Sports Resort
Visitors lounging on a simulated beach and enjoying Wii Sports Resort
game play in the middle of Times Square
Kids and parents wielding Wii Remote™ controllers to participate in
activities like archery, table tennis, golf and basketball at
interactive game kiosks
Children and adults demonstrating the unique cross-generational appeal
of the Wii console by playing Wii Sports Resort together
B-roll and photos available
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