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Looking for a little comic relief and info on the upcoming “TimeSplitters game? Kill two birds with one stone by checking out the updated site here and get the official low-down on “TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Break free from the doldrums of über-serious first-person shooters by injecting “TimeSplitters Future Perfect” into your system. This action-packed shooter will keep you laughing as you team up with past and future versions of yourself to take aim at robotic super soldiers, zombie nurses, and of course, pistol-packing monkeys.

“TimeSplitters Future Perfect” is slated to ship this March and features:

· A deep story-driven single player mode spanning more than 500 years of mayhem and destruction; each period features it’s own unique weapons, vehicles and challenges

· Online multiplayer featuring more than a dozen gameplay modes for Xbox Live or PlayStation 2 – play classic deathmatch or creative alternatives like “Shrink” “Thief” or “Vampire”

· 150 outrageous playable-characters with more weapons, gadgets and vehicles than you can shake a monkey at
· Improved map-maker interface that allows you to create, play and share maps with your friends online
· Innovative “meet yourself” gameplay that transcends space-time continuum … Team up with past and future versions of yourself in the game to stop an apocalyptic war before it even begins

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