Time to run the shadows

by: Jeff -
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The year is 2075, magic and machinery have melded together, the Megacorporations are at each others' throats, and a dragon has woken from a deep slumber. Shadowrun Online is now on Steam Early Access for 30% off, and offers an early prequel for the upcoming campaign. You'll get an introduction to Shadowrun Online's combat system through four missions and PvP, and new content will be added regularly with plenty of opportunities for players to provide feedback and influence development.

For the uninitiated, Shadowrun Online was funded by Kickstarter, and is based on one of the biggest tabletop RPGs on the market. It's a turn-based MMO that features a classless character creation, and you'll be able to cast spells, hack computers, and take part in a world-campaign that depends on the players' actions.

You can check out Russell's post for more information and some screenshots.

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