Tim Sweeney blames Integrated graphics/Intel for PC Gaming falling by the wayside

by: Chuck -
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We've already talked about how piracy is one of the big problems in the PC gaming world but Tim Sweeney (the mind behind Epic's Unreal engine) has a different take on the issue.  In an interview with TG Daily he talks about how Intel's integrated graphics chip is killing the gaming market because it can't handle modern games.  He talks specifically about how the gap between the high end and the low end PC's has shifted over the last decade or so:

"The biggest problem in this space right now is that you cannot go and design a game for a high end PC and downscale it to mainstream PCs. The performance difference between high-end and low-end PC is something like 100x"....."If we go back 10 years ago, the difference between the high end and the lowest end may have been a factor of 10. We could have scaled games between those two."
This is yet another reason why PC Gaming is in such an odd state right now and it's not one that's likely to change until PC manufacturers can start closing that gap again. 
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