Tiger not the only EA Mobile game on iPhone OS accepting cash

by: Dan -
More On: The Sims 3
EA Mobile has let word be known via their Facebook page that The Sims 3 for the iPhone OS also received a title update today. Unlike the Tiger Woods update, which seemed to just enable the Pro Shop, The Sims 3 update also fixed some bugs, added some features in addition to enabling the in-game Sims Store. I have not purchased The Sims 3, so I cannot see what the pricing or content is in the Sims Store. However, I expect it to be in the same $0.99 mold as the Tiger Woods golf course. Check out all the details of the update below:

  • New Sims Store with exciting new stuff for your Sims and their homes
  • Redecorate your Sim's house by customizing your wall coverings and flooring
  • Change your Sim's appearance at any time during the game
  • New Car Dealer Shop is featured on the Town Map
  • New Driveway is featured in front of the Sims houses for a better view of their cars
  • iPod Media Playback - through Main menu and Stereo objects in-game
  • Sims can be rotated in Create-A-Sim
  • Minor bug fixes
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