Three free C&C games directly from EA

by: Chad -
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By clicking here you'll be taken to the Command & Conquer web site that is offering three free games.  Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Dawn were already freeware, but you can now download Tiberian Sun and it's expansion pack Firestorm for free.

I've never played any of the title in the series so this looks like a good opportunity to do so.  Check out the classic titles now and look forward to the launch of Command & Conquer 4 on March 16.

Today is a very special day for Command & Conquer fans world-wide, and for some of us, we can call it an early Valentines Day. We might swear the timing is coincidental! As of this moment, you can now officially relive the glory of Tiberian Sun & the expansion pack Firestorm on your PC with our new freeware offerings. And to add greatness to this measure, we've also included our original freeware releases of Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 on one simple, nostalgic, CLASSIC page:

If you're curious about the download sizes:

•Tiberian Sun/Firestorm (1.2 GB)
•Tiberian Dawn GDI/NOD ISO’s (600MB each)
•Red Alert 1 Allied/Soviet ISO’s (520MB each)

Get set for Command & Conquer 4 by reliving the epic Tiberian saga where it all started. Enjoy Commander!
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