Three ain't enough man I need five! New superstars and moves available today for WWE 2K14

by: Nathan -
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WWE 2K14's already impressive roster expands even more today as new DLC is available for the game.

The WWE Superstars and moves pack includes the following new content. 

  • WWE Superstars: Fandango and Big E Langston
  • WWE Divas: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Summer Rae
  • Moves Pack: More than 30 new moves and taunts, including the Black Widow (made popular by AJ Lee) and the Koji Clutch (made popular by CM Punk)
  • WWE Superstars and Divas, along with the Moves Pack, are available for a suggested purchase cost of $7.99
  • Summer Rae is available free of charge.

The content is also available for free if you bought the seasons pass at $19.99 and includes the exclusive "Outsiders" themed Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

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