Three Polish guys making Darkwood, use "roguelike-like" to get crowdfunding

by: Randy -
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The game doesn't have zombies or a slender man, so that already separates it from 90 percent of the horror games out in the past two years. Three dudes from Poland are building Darkwood, tree by tree, and are scraping together crowdfunding monies on Indiegogo. (If you've never visited Indiegogo, for all intents and purposes, it works just like Kickstarter.) 

Darkwood is survival horror from a top-down perspective, with inky-black nighttime encroaching on your flashlight beam, a mouth-breathing, heart-squeezing soundtrack, a few neatly scripted gotcha moments, and a population of surreal characters--wait until the power generator starts griping about the freakish child playing the piano. It's driving him nuts, he says. It says. The power generator says. It's weird. Also, Darkwood features randomly generated levels and permadeath, which obligates me to use the word "roguelike" when checking off its feature set. If you're unsure what a roguelike is, don't worry, many of us are, too. Suffice it to say, randomly generated levels and permanent death. There: done.

Darkwood's inventory screen appears extensive, even for adventure games, but it looks like you'll need all those tools to board up windows and Macaulay Culkin some Home Alone traps out on the front lawn. I just hope Darkwood doesn't turn into too much of a guess-what-items-go-together game. It's hard to be scared when you're angry.

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