Those damn Orcs just won’t die!

by: Jeremy -
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It appears that you couldn’t get the job done in the original Orcs Must Die!, so I guess that you need to call in a friend. Robot Entertainment has announced Orcs Must Die! 2. The game has been announced for release on the PC this Summer and will be shown off at this coming weekend’s PAX East event.

The new game picks up just a few days after the events of the first one; the rifts have closed and the Magical order is dead. Now the War Mage faces off against the mindless orc mob, but he’s not alone. A new companion has joined the battle in the form of the Sorceress, who just happens to be controlled by one of your friends (coop).

The game will include an all new campaign, new traps, more enemies, and a coompletely revamped upgrade system. You can check out the announcement trailer for the game below:

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