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More On: Gladiator A.D.
While The Conduit is still generating buzz but hasn't hit the retail scene yet, High Voltage has let loose what their next Wii project is. IGN has the screenshots and the details on Gladiator A.D.  and you get to live out your favorite gladiator movies. You like gladiator movies don't you? So you'll do your best Russell Crowe impression as you take on one and multiple enemies in ancient Rome in a bloody battle to satisfy the audience. The game will use an enhanced version of the Conduit engine to power it's violent outcomes. High Voltage is aiming for a more strategic fighter where you have to study your opponent to take them down instead of straight button mashing. And for those wondering, yes Wii MotionPlus will be supported in this title. Seven months into production, they are looking at a Q1 2010 release.
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