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by: Jeremy -
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Contrary to popular belief, Milla Jovovich’s films aren’t the only films based on Capcom’s classic survival horror series. Capcom has been crafting a feature length, computer-animated series set in the RE universe as well. The first one released back in 2008 and was thoroughly entertaining (Resident Evil Degeneration) and the follow up will be releasing later this month on Blu Ray and DVD.

Announced to be in production back in 2010, Resident Evil: Damnation, the direct sequel to Degeneration, will follow U.S. government agent Leon Kennedy into the East Slavic Republic to investigate the rumors that Bio-Organic Weapons are being used in the area’s ongoing civil war. Soon, Leon will discover that the locals aren’t the only ones who don’t want him there as his own government quickly orders him to stand down. Fans know that Leon isn’t just going to walk away from his assignment and vows to uncover the truth, with or without official support.

Capcom has released an official trailer for the film which you can check out below.

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