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To celebrate a brand new week Direct2Drive has some excellent deals for gamers to enjoy, including:

A chance to win a Champions Online lifetime subscription if you purchase the game on D2D.  It's so easy to be entered, so if you're already going to be buying the game, buy it here so you can have the chance to play the game for free.

Deal of the week: $10 off F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, which can be found here.

Dawn of War II gets a price drop, now just $39.95.  So if you've been holding off now is the time to buy it.

The eloquently titled indie game AaaaaAAaaaa! is now available, it can be downloaded here.

Pre-order Fallen Earth now and you'll get an in-game item, beta access, and early play (begins on 9/9).  Check out that deal by going here.

That's not the only pre-order bonus D2D has, if you pre-order the Aion Collector's Edition you'll get immediate access to the beta and other bonus items.  You can pre-order the game here.

For the Twitter freaks out there, if you follow D2D you can get $5 off Crysis Maximum Edition, and tune in every Tuesday for a weekly gaming trivia contest to win a free PC game of your choice.
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