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Direct2Drive has some rather sweet deals available this week, including:

A chance to win a Champions Online lifetime subscription is you preorder the game on D2D.  When you preorder the game you also get an exclusive in-game item with your order, so there really isn't any reason not to do this.  Interested?  Go here to get started.

D2D's deal of the week is 50% off Defense Grid: The Awakening, which can be downloaded here.

There's also a very cool bundle deal that gets you $5 off the Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 pre-order bundle.  The former was one of 2007's best titles, and its sequel looks even better.  Check it out over here.

The new release CrimeCraft is now available, you can get that here.

If you pre-order Fallen Earth you get a bonus in-game item, beta access, and early access to the game (which begins 9/9).  This excellent deal can be found here.

The pre-order bonuses just keep coming: those who pre-order the Aion Collector's Edition will getimmediate access to the beta as well as bonus items.  Sound good?  Go here.

Do you like Twitter?  What a coincidence, so does Direct2Drive!  Follow them on Twitter to get a $5 coupon to use towards CrimeCraft.  That's pretty simple, right?  Twitter followers should tune in every Tuesday for D2D's weekly gaming trivia contest to win a free PC game of their choice.  If all that sounds good start following D2D's Twitter page.
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