This week's Humble Bundle Sale is a point-and-click adventure

by: Randy -
More On: Memoria Goodbye Deponia

Adventure game publisher, Daedalic Entertainment, is up to bat in the Humble Weekly Sale. Drop one dollar or more for: Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New EyesA New Beginning - Final CutThe Whispered WorldThe Chronicles of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet, and The Chronicles of Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream. Drop six dollars or more and you'll additionally walk away with DeponiaJourney of a Roach, and The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav. Each game's soundtrack is along for the ride, too.

If Memoria (Gaming Nexus score: 9.0) is any indication, then its prequel Chains of Satinav is also excellent. And if Goodbye Deponia (Gaming Nexus score: 7.4) is any indication, then its prequel Deponia is also enh. Either way, Daedalic is one of the very few companies keeping point-and-click adventure gaming alive, and, as always with Humble Bundles, you pick how much of your donation goes to charity, and how big of a cut the developers and publishers get for their hard work as well.

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