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by: Russell -
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Now and then we'll see posts and news online about some indie game bundles here and there, such as the Humble Indie Bundle.  A lot of times you can get X amount of games and pay what you want to pay.  Well, how about 24 games?  Yes, twenty-four indie games in one bundle.  Called the IndieFort Championship, there are twenty-four indie games that you can bundle together how you choose with a few different options.

Of the twenty-four games, you can pick any three for $3.99, any six for $6.99, or any nine for $8.99.  Considering some of the games by themselves cost between $10 and $32, this is a pretty good deal, as some of the games look absolutely amazing (Air Buccaneers HD looks incredible).  I am a little confused because they advertise it like you can get all twenty-four games in one bundle, but you can't get all of them in one bundle.  Still, individually they cost about $263.  If you work it out by getting two bundles of nine and a bundle of six, you can get all twenty-four in a roundabout way for about $25.  That's still a pretty good deal, and from what I've seen in the trailer below, Air Buccaneers looks worth it.

For more info, check out the IndieFort website.

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