This SSX is the most insane SSX

by: Nathaniel -
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I played some SSX back in the day (on the Dreamcast, I think) and found it to be quite enjoyable, yet also quite insane.  The speed, the tricks, and the constant danger were not something I came across everyday when I was gaming.  

However, I had no idea...

The current edition of SSX on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 makes the one I played look like a pleasant evening at Swan Lake on ice.

This video shows off each region's Deadly Decent that will require more than simple big air and mad tricks to finish.  No, they'll require wingsuits, headlamps, flares, and armor (yes, I just said armor) to even have a chance of finishing with your life still intact.  Luckily, this video gives you a few tips and tricks for completing each one.  

EA Sport's SSX is out right now.

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