This Lollipop Chainsaw "special edition" video must be seen to be believed.

by: Nathaniel -
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I've never seen a videogame trailer so full of wrong before.  Now we've already shown you enough Lollipop Chainsaw videos for you to be aware of the sensibilities the game trades in, but rest assured anyway, it's the good kind of "wrong;" you know, the kind that makes you say, "Man, that's so wrong.  I want some of what they're smoking," instead of, "That's wrong, no one should be able to do that."  

The basic premise is that the new special edition of Lollipop Chainsaw now includes some sort of life-size, fully controllable Juliet flesh-bot that can do "whatever you want it to (wink, wink)."  It then descends into full blown NSFW territory.  So make sure your boss isn't looking and/or your children are "in the other room" and have a look.  If you're already okay with watching a Lollipop Chainsaw video, then there's zero chance you're part of the, "That's wrong, no one should be able to do that" crowd."

Lollipop Chainsaw comes out this June.

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