Third Episode of The Silver Lining to release next week on Feb 17th

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Next Thursday, February 17th, marks the day that the third episode of The Silver Lining will be releasing. Phoenix Online Studios announced today that Episode 3: My Only Love Sprung from My Only Hate will be available as a free download on the official website.

Episode 3 will revolve around King Graham’s wife, Valanice, and her recent, almost suicidal behavior spurs mystery. The story will take players on the Isle of Mists to discover more of her secrets.

Read on for a bit more description, and take a look at the new screenshots and video below.

It may be a few weeks later than expected, but the next episode of The Silver Lining is absolutely worth the wait... and the wait's almost over! Phoenix Online Studios is excited to announce that Episode 3: My Only Love Sprung from My Only Hate will be released next Thursday, February 17, as a free download from

In the previous episode, King Graham's quest to save his children from a dark curse took an unexpected turn when his distressed wife, Valanice, almost threw herself off the balcony. Is she reacting to the stress of her childrens' illness or something more sinister? This is the central question of Episode 3, as haunting visions of Valanice's dark past enter into the mix. Graham's search for answers will bring him to the mysterious Isle of Mists, where his appeals to ancient magical forces put him squarely in the path of the gravest danger he's faced so far.

The largest, darkest, and most exhilarating Silver Lining episode yet, My Only Love Sprung from My Only Hate takes the story where you never expected it to go -- and it's too late to turn back now.
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