Things on Wheels shows you things on a video, also things on images

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The first video to be released for Things on Wheels – an upcoming racing game by Focus Interactive for XBLA and being affectionately called ToW – is now available just a few inches below. Tracks are rigged with a slew of surprises including shortcuts, ramps, and the usual fun bits that make up a racing game. You can also take a gander at the screenshots for a look at the levels, interface, and features like the collectible items.

Things on Wheels: Crazy Remote-Controlled Car Races Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade!

We are pleased to present for the first time, and in video, the game "Things on Wheels," which is coming soon on Xbox LIVE Arcade!

Things on Wheels – ToW – is a fun and fast remote-controlled car racing game that is playable in single or multiplayer (up to 4 players)! Drive many miniature racers with various features – the agile "Vintage", the powerful "Muscles" or fast "Sports" cars – and compete in dozens of crazy races. The tracks are completely insane, loaded with shortcuts, ramps, loops and many other surprises. Count on plenty of collectable items to spice up the races even more and upset the final rankings!

Things on Wheel is developed by Load Inc and will be available very soon on Xbox LIVE Arcade.
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