Things Michael Gamble tweeted about the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

by: Nathaniel -
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The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut is now set for release in less than 24 hours.  So by this time tomorrow, well all know if BioWare has "redeemed themselves" or "screwed us all again".  Yeah, quotation marks represent sarcasm of such force, that I think I just shattered my jaw.

So what exactly is the what with this new free DLC that will hopefully make happy those that are incapable of such feelings?

Well, in a series of tweets by Mass Effect 3 producer Michael Gamble, some facts have been revealed:

We can expect the DLC to be available for download around 2am PST (that's 5am in the East) on the 26th.  Due to vagaries within Microsoft and Sony, it might not show up until later however.  He says it should be up on Origin by around noon MST.

To see all the new content, you have to either pick up a game before you make your final assault on Cerberus Headquarters, or reload the final auto save the game makes for you at the very end.  That auto save takes you back to before the Cerberus HQ assault.

The EMS (that's assets multiplied by your galactic readiness) necessary to have all potential endings unlocked has also been lowered to 3100.

And finally, remember that it's been said many times before that the ME3 Extended Cut doesn't change anything, it only offers up new scenes and extra dialogue to provide a better sense of closure and understanding.
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