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The official Mass Effect 3 Twitter account has been busy over the past day or so dropping a bunch of fairly out-of-context bits of hard information on Mass Effect 3.  Some are answers to questions posed by other fans via Twitter, while others just seem to be because the folks at BioWare wanted us to know.  Here are the choicest bits presented without context or much in the way of explanation:
  • Properly Spec'd Vanguard will be able to charge a lot
  • Mass Effect 3 will have a whopping 57 powers, 60 levels, and 178 points. 
  • Soldiers: Omni-Blade, Sentinels: Double Omni-Blade, Engineers: Flame-Omni-Tool attack, Adepts: Biotic palm strike
  • Melee attack damage has to do with ability level-up, not weapon cutomization
  • You can't mod heavy weapons
  • Atlas health does not regenerate when Shepard is driving it
  • Squadmates aim their weapons at the ground with not in combat
  • The Predator pistol will be back with some improvements
They also Tweeted a few videos from PAX 2011.  These so called "demo briefings" played before the Mass Effect 3 demo at PAX.  There's no word on if something similar will make the final game.  Mass Effect 3 comes out 3.6.12.

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