They’re Monkeys, in a Ball, on the 3DS...

by: Jeremy -
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Sega is bringing everyone’s favorite confined primates to Nitnendo’s new handheld with Super Monkey Ball 3D. The title was announced along with Nintendo’s huge press conference yesterday in Japan. The 3DS iteration of the game will contain the classic puzzle, oriented single player mode in addition to wireless multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes will include Monkey Race and Monkey Fight, which have been included in previous Super Monkey Ball Games.

While the specific release date of the game was not revealed, it is being targeted for a Spring 2011 release in Japan, North America, and Europe. Sega also announced that they have five other titles in development for the system which will all be released by the end of the 2011 fiscal year. You can check out the first shots of the Super Monkey Ball 3D below:

Source: Andriasang 

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