Thermaltake and BMW release a pretty interesting mouse

by: John -
More On: Pro-Gaming Computer Mouse Level 10 M
DesignworksUSA, BMW's design firm, isn't new to the computer scene. They've worked with Thermaltake before to develop a pretty swanky computer cases. Yes, it costs a bundle, but just look at them! So, what's the design studio got this time around? How about a pro gaming mouse?

What you see below is the Pro-Gaming Computer Mouse Level 10 M, which is a mouthful. The $100 mouse comes in seven different colors and it's got some interesting features. For starters, there's passive vent holes to help keep your hand nice and cool. Some mice in the past have used an active fan, but this mouse keeps it quiet by design.

The open structure lets you adjust the mouse as how you see fit by various angles and height. That means you can really customize the feel of the mouse to your hand and make it as comfortable as possible.

On the bottom is a laser sensor capable of up to 8200DPI. Because this is a gaming mouse, you can program the sensitivity as well as the buttons for your needs. Also, the base is made of aluminum so it is strong and durable.

The mouse looks pretty cool, I have to say and it's got some good features from what I can read. DesignworksUSA has some really interesting stuff, and me working there, I get to see some of them first hand. Guess I need to take this mouse out for a spin and determine if the team really has created a solid gaming mouse.

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