There's gold in that Home...

by: Dan -
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With the Home beta up and running now for a few weeks, it appears that Sony may have finally found itself a new revenue stream for the PS3. According to an interview that Sony Sr Director for Playstation Networks Susan Panico had with Silicon Alley Insider, it sounds like virtual commodities are selling extremely well in the Home Beta. Panico didn't provide specific details to SAI, but she did say that more revenue had been generated from Home and its $0.40 - $4.99 goods (in their first four days of sales) than Sony had seen from PS3 movies and videos in their first week of sales. that sounds impressive, but no facts or figures were given, just virtual goods against downloadable movies. Regardless, Panico told SAI that Santa Costumes are a huge seller. Check out the article over at Silicon Alley Insider for a few other tidbits.
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