There is no BlizzCon for 2012

by: John -
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In the news announcing the 2012 World Championship Event, Blizzard mentions that they are not holding a BlizzCon in 2012. So Jay Mohr, your scheduled's freed up this year.

BlizzCon has been a staple of Blizzard showcasing their titles and making big announcements since 2005. They did miss 2006 though, so it's not unprecedented that they don't hold one this year.

With no BlizzCon, will Blizzard show off their titles at another show? E3 perhaps? Tokyo Game Show?

I know there are probably a lot of disappointed Blizzard fans out there, but maybe with them channeling all their energy into finishing a few of their titles, we'll get to play them out of beta this coming year.

There's always next year folks.
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