There is Only War Beta is now live on Steam

by: Nathan -
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The update to the mulitplayer for Dawn fo War II is now in Beta and available to download and play. Titled There is Only War the update includes new maps and a huge amount of bug fixes and new features. You could read the list that Shacknews published or you could load it up and see for yourself. To steal from the Dawn of War II community blog "Stop reading this blog, log into Steam and start playing!"

‘There is Only War’ Beta is officially live!

Stop reading this blog, log into Steam and start playing!

You will need to restart your Steam client in order to opt-in to the beta

Open Steam, click on File, select Settings, then under the Account tab, click on the ‘Change…’ button under ‘Beta participation’. Click on the dropdown menu and scroll to find ‘Dawn of War II ‘There is Only War Update’


Click on the OK button to start downloading the files that will turn your retail Dawn of War II installation into the Dawn of War 2 ‘There is Only War’ Beta.

The Beta period will run until Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 to account for the delay.


…seriously, its officially up. Stop reading… play the game.

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