There be a plague in Norrath

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WIth the 6th update of EverQuest II there's now a plague running rampant in the land. Should give the players in the game something to band together to try and stop. There are plenty of other updates and also news of 700 bans in the past 2 weeks for cheating or exploiting. If you're not good, just deal with it. Don't cheat and ruin the game for everyone else. I see it all the time in CounterStrike.
The Plague Infects Norrath

Players of Sony Online’s EverQuest II are experiencing a nasty case of the plague today after the release of our 6th update to the game since our November launch. While the plague is highly contagious with a visible affect, it is not believed to be life threatening. The source of this disease is unknown and only the joint efforts of adventurers and artisans will be able to cure the people of Norrath. Unlicensed salesmen are expected to offer “remedies” but players are advised to be wary of both their prices and the effects. A universal cure needs to be found!

Other exciting updates in Norrath include:

· Characters can sell items from their house vaults while away or even offline through brokers and fences.

· Mailboxes are now in all city zones for in-game mail.

· New quest paths are available for solo players and groups in outdoor zones.

· The benefits of food and drink will no longer disappear when your character dies.

· Group members in the same zone as your character will now show up on your zone map.

· Crafting is even more rewarding with new tradeskill reaction bonuses.

· Crafted food now gives handy stat buffs.

Over 700 Exploiters? No Thanks.

Sony Online has continued efforts since launch to keep the EverQuest II game world free of players who use exploits to gain an unfair advantage, especially with bots and macros. Over 700 accounts were banned for various forms of cheating and exploiting during the past 2 weeks alone. It is our goal to continue investigations into suspicious in-game activity and ban accounts with violations.

“We'd like to thank our EverQuest II customers for all of their reports in rounding up these crews, and helping us show them they're not welcome in Norrath,” said EverQuest II Senior Producer Scott Hartsman. “A few hundred 'bot subscriptions just aren't worth the money when compared to keeping the game fun for hundreds of thousands of people.”
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