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For those with sensitive or important information on their computers, it's really important to back up your data. Well, Thecus is partnering with Farstone Technologies to give you DriveClone Pro 5.0 hen you purchase a N5200, 1U4500, or the N4100 series of prodcuts. The software can make exact copies of your setup and also do snapshots as well. It's an invaluable tool and I highly recommend and it's nice that Thecus will give the software away to those that are purchasing one of the above mentioned systems.
Thecus Technology Partners with Farstone Technology to Provide DriveClone Pro 5.0

Backup is an essential element for computer users and network administrators. There are many possibilities that a user can lose all or part of their files due to computer viruses, accidental deletion or hardware failure. When files are regularly backed up, there is a chance to minimize the loss.
To provide worry-free computing environment for users, Thecus Technology has partnered with Farstone Technology to bring highly effective backup solution. Thecus provides users with Farstone® DriveClone Pro 5.0 (street value at US$ 54.99) without additional charge with the purchase of Thecus N5200 series, 1U4500 series, and N4100+ products.

Farstone® DriveClone Pro 5.0 is one of the well received backup utilities on the market. With DriveClone Pro 5, users are able to create an exact copy of the entire personal computer, from photos, emails, files, to the entire system and stored the copy on to Thecus products. In case of emergencies, DriveClone Pro 5 ensures complete recovery of the entire hard drive by restoring the “snapshots” taken of the hard drive when it was at working conditions. Some of the leading-edge backup features include:

- Snapshot: automatically monitor all sector level changes on hard drive.
- Universal Restore: restore files or entire hard drive on the system.
- Migrate to a New Hard Drive: copy of system settings and HDD partition.
- Disk Imaging within Windows: perform most disk imaging tasks.
- Incremental Backup: track only the changes made since the last backup
- Bare Metal Disaster Recovery: full system recovery for major crush.

Thecus Technology understands that every single file on PCs is extremely valuable to users. The combination of Thecus RAID technology and Farstone® DriveClone Pro 5.0 is the best insurance to protect users’ valuable electronic information in network environment.
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