Thecus NAS now supports OSX

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I didn't know the Thecus NAS devices didn't support Apple's OS but it does now it seems. Thecus has announced support for Mac OSX in their NAS devices. I've had the pleasure of using a few and expect a review of the m3800 up soon and they are all solid pieces of hardware if you want a reliable NAS device.
04/27/2009 – Great news for Mac users. Thecus® proudly brings better and more powerful storage and backup solutions for Mac users. Instead of the usual and limited selection for Mac system, home users can enjoy much more network services from Thecus® for much less cost. Reliable, versatile and economic, Thecus® NAS is definitely the exceptional unit for Mac system.

Supporting Mac OS X, Thecus® NAS users can conveniently exchange and share files through Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), Server Message Block (SMB) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Under full supported design, Mac users can enjoy many more appealing features on Thecus® NAS:

- Data Security : with RAID redundancy with numbers of hard disks on Thecus® NAS, the fear of data loss due to hard disk damage is completely eliminated. Enjoy huge storage and perfect data protection on one device.

-Scheduled and Automatic Backup : leave the regular backup work to Thecus® NAS and never have to worry about losing data.

- Versatile applications : Thecus® NAS has got it all, storage, file sharing, multimedia, and surveillance center. All you need is Thecus® NAS.

- Wireless Ready : with an USB wireless dongle, network service is not bounded by the limitation of wires and cables. Users are able to enjoy network resources anywhere at home or office.

Gigantic space for secured storage and backup plus all-around usages, what’s not to like about Thecus® NAS? On top of all the fascinating features, Thecus® NAS is affordable and extremely easy to use. Simply plug into your Mac system and you are set to enjoy quality digital network environment with cost remarkably below other manufacturers.
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