The "sequel" to Counter-Strike

by: John -
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I used to play a ton... and I mean a TON of Counter-Strike.  I remember talking with one of my co-workers several times a week and coordinating when he'll be home from work as well so we can hop onto a server and go about defusing bombs and rescuing hostages. Hell, I even liked playing as the escorted VIP with only the umbrella for offense.

IGN went to one of the co-creaters of Counter-Strike and grabbed a view of his next game that's soon to be released, Tactical Intervention. No, this isn't Counter-Strike 2 but something that Minh Le, one of the creaters of CS, has done on his own with a small team. The interview talks about his time at Valve and how CS2 got shelved as well as what TI is all about.

There's really no way, I think, you're going to appease hard core CS players as any changes to the game has always been met with a lot of criticism. Reading about TI, I can tell that some of the things added or changed doesn't gel with me but I can understand why it's being done. For example, rounds are now faster meaning bad CS players won't just sit as a ghost for long periods of time now. I spent many hours practicing and developing strategies to keep myself alive a long time in CS but it looks like TI's going the quicker gameplay route. Sniper rifles are now toned down as well so don't expect the one shot AWP kills you'd come to enjoy (or despise if you are on the other end) in CS.

This isn't a sequel to CS but something that Minh wanted to do and some of the features he wants in a game that probably would've been hated by t he CS community. I'll give it a chance seeing as Counter-Strike was one of my favorite games and I hope Tactical Intervention does do well as Minh Le's one guy that deserves some success given how big CS is.
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