The road to NHL 13 continues

by: Mike -
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The newest features for NHL 13 have been revealed, promising to make the hockey experience more engrossing than ever. Several new additions are being implemented to ensure that players gain the most out of the next installment of the series.

True Performance Skating: A new physics-based skating system that adds over 1000 animations to the movements of the players, as well as the explosiveness, agility, and speed of today’s NHL players.

EA Sports Hockey IQ: A new A.I. system that increases the decision-making realism of each individual player on the ice, ensuring that every player reacts to the plays regardless of whether they are in the proximity of the puck or not.

GM Connected: Think fantasy NHL league. Except with your friends, in your own 30-team league in NHL 13. Be a GM mode is brought into the social realm as you can compete, draft, and play against your friends with your own team.

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