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The origins of Skarklet

by: Jeremy -
More On: Mortal Kombat
The newest kombatant to enter the Mortal Kombat arena will be Skarlet, as NetherRealm Studios has already announced. The studio has also released a new origins trailer detailing the story of Skarlet and just where she comes from...

Skarlet is another creation of Shao Kahn, designed to be a true killer and major weapon in his personal army. It is very refreshing to see a brand new character lined up for the DLC of the game rather than simple rehashes of classic characters, which I will also enjoy. The end of the trailer also details that there are at least 3 more additional DLC characters in the pipeline, including Kenshi and Rain.

Skarlet will be released on both the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this coming week for $4.99. If you don’t choose to pay for the new character, you will be able to download a special “compatibility pack” for the game which will allow players to face off against her online with other players who have purchased the DLC. The free pack will also include two new classic costumes for Sektor and Cyrax.

Source: IGN

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