The night is dark and full of terrors [Game of Thrones]

by: Nathaniel -
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Today, we've got the first trailer for the upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire-themed RPG, called Game of Thrones, just like the HBO series.  The Game isn't set to begin until sometime early next year, but today fans will be treated to their first images of the Wall that protects the realm from the terrors to the north, the eunuch Varys "the spider" - master of whisperers (the realm's chief spy), about 1/8 of the Iron Throne, and all of what appears to be Cersei Lannister's backside.  That's not all you'll see (Jeor Mormont and possibly an interior shot of Kings Landing appear also) but that's all that will be familiar to anyone who is not a hardcore fan of the book series.  I just have one question that goes out to said harcore fans of the book series:  What was that red banner with the golden sword sigil?  I don't recall such a banner belonging to any house in Westeros.  
[via: IGN]
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