The next Batman game from Rocksteady's going back in time

by: John -
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With two great Batman games under their belt and with how the last one ended, where does Rocksteady go with the next Batman game? Well, how about the Silver Age of comics?

Variety is reporting that the story would revolve around Batman's first encounters with the Joker. They'll have to find a new voice for the Joker though as Mark Hamill has stated he's done voicing the iconic character.

Giving the gritty look of the first two games and how much more bright and happy the SIlver Age characters looked, I wonder how Rocksteady's going to approach this one. Experiencing Batman's first dealings with the Joker would be fun and if Rocksteady can pull off a Silver Age style, they could have something that can stand on its own rather than being compared to the other two games.

No time table was given although Variety thinks it won't be any sooner than 2014, which is a good assumption given that nothing was said about the title at E3. Now the question is, where in Batman Arkham City is this news hidden? We know that Arkham City plans were behind a wall in Arkham Asylum. And if Rocksteady follows that pattern, there could be something hidden in the Arkham City game to hint at a Silver Age Batman game. Maybe with this news, Rocksteady will leak the location of the secret as they have said there's about three or four things or so still yet uncovered in the game.
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