The next Arkham game is coming this year

by: John -
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The two Batman Arkham games are some of my favorite games. I spent a ton of time completing as much as I could on both of them. In fact, I was so engrossed with Arkham City that I finished the main storyline in one day over Thanksgiving two years ago.

With the way Arkham City ended, it was tough to know where they would go from there. Time Warner had an investor call and mentioned that the next Arkham game is coming this year. That's pretty soon and there hasn't been any build up at all. So, now that's got me thinking, what are they going to do? 

Story wise, they threw a lot of characters in Arkham City and I don't know what else you could do as many of the main characters were used in the second game. Do they go back to the beginning of Batman's career like some rumors have suggested? Warner Bros' did register a bunch of domain names and in there could be a clue as to their next game. 

The last game had the reveal at Spike's VGA show, but nothing so far has been mentioned or teased with the next game. Let's hope we don't have to wait too long as I'm anxious to know what Rocksteady has in store for us this time around.
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