The new Killer Instinct has dynamic music that changes during the fight

by: Nathan -
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The more I see from the new Killer Instinct, the more excited I get for it and I just heard about a feature in the game that really got me pumped. 

Music is incredibly important to me in games, especially fighting games. Great music gets me pumped up for the fight, gets me excited to play on that stage cause I know the music is gonna hype me up. Some of my favorite fighting game music comes from the Mortal Kombat series. Hell I even have the entire Mortal Kombat series soundtracks on my iPod.

Anyways back to Killer Instinct. Youtube user Miles923 has done an amazing job uploading tons of videos, character breakdowns, and interviews with the developers about the new Killer Instinct coming this holiday season for Xbox One. 

One of his latest videos showcases how the game will feature dynamic music, that will change, almost on the fly during the match. If the fight is going slow, the music will slow down. If the fight is intense, the music will pick up speed, getting heavier to match the pace of the match. We got to see a brief example of this during a fight with Jago and Glacius. The match starts out with slow paced music. Jago hits an "insane combo" and heavy guitar rifts are added to the music. Glacius hits a "counter breaker" and a new part of the song is heard. The fight gets intense and brand new strings are heard. 

If Double Helix can pull this off for all stages, man, I might be throwing fights cause i'm too busy listening to the music! 
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