The missing link of Guitars? The You Rock Guitar is announced

by: Ben Berry -
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Scheduling for CES is heating up. For those who live under rocks, or a pineapple under the sea, CES is the big gambling and binge drinking vacation electronics convention each January in Las Vegas. The 2010 edition is looking to be quite promising with the continued growth of the gaming exhibit areas. What's particularly cool about CES is that it offers an opportunity to see a lot of fringe, new, or as of yet unannounced gaming related items that might not attract most gamers attention. One such item is the new You Rock Guitar that will be demoed at the show and available in Feburary.

What makes the You Rock so interesting is that it is a digital guitar and a game controller. As a game controller, it is not locked to a single console, but with add on cartridges it can be used with any of the major platforms, as well as iPods, etc. Here is the promotional video of the You Rock Guitar in action.

I have time scheduled with them at CES, so I'll be looking into this further.

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