The makers of Dishonored want you to show them your moves

by: Nathaniel -
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Dishonored has become a bit of a surprise hit.  It's well known that new IPs don't do well at the end of a console cycle, but no one seemed to tell Arkane Studios or Bethesda Softworks.  I really liked it, but the score I gave it (a "class leading" 89) is actually in the bottom half of Metacritic's list of review scores.  That surprised me.

Anyway, thanks to YouTube, users have filled the Internet with videos of their best kills.  Bethesda thinks that is so cool, they're willing select the best ones you send them and cut them into a "Best of Dishonored" compilation trailer.  The best part is that one lucky winner will get one of the Anton Sokolov (fictional inventor and painter that lives in Dunwall) paintings that were created for Bethesda's PAX East party.

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