The launch trailer for Killzone:Shadow Fall is chock full of next gen goodness

by: Chuck -
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With the launch of the PlayStation 4 just days away the folks at Sony have released a fairly epic trailer for the platform's tent-pole title, Killzone Shadow Fall.  The trailer gives you a bit of the plot of the game but it probably doesn't make a lot of sense unless you brush up on the history of the game.  I'm not normally one to recommend a NeoGaf thread but the first page of this thread has everything you need to know if you didn't play any of the previous games.

Personally this and Resogun are the two launch titles that I'll be picking up on Friday.  Knack looks interesting but I'm going to wait for a pause in the next generation chaos before picking it up.  

If you're really into the tech behind the game be sure to watch this trailer which walks you through the tech that's being used in the game.  

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