The future of console controls?

by: Jeremy -
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Destructoid posted an interesting video today of a project called everyAir for iOs devices. The software will allow gamers to stream and control their console and PC games through the various iOs devices such as the iPhone and iPad. The project is being headed by a user calling himself PandaElves.

In the short video demonstration below, PandaElves displays the current build of his project which allows him to stream and play PlayStation 3 titles on his iOs devices, including utilizing the device’s touch screen for controller inputs. Generally speaking, I think that we will all agree that this may not be the best interface for controlling complicated games that require today’s modern controls, but the technology itself is very, very impressive. Sony has dabbled in the remote play capabilities of a few games using a combination of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable devices. The everyAir project looks to bring that same functionality to other consoles as well.

If nothing else, I thought that this video was worth watching just for the “wow” factor:

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