The funniest thing I've read on the internet today (that makes me want to punch a stump in the face)

by: Nathaniel -
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According to Destructoid, an online pettition has appeared asking Walmart to boycott Duke Nukem Forever, and apparently it's gaining some traction among those who find gameplay modes that see you with smacking a woman on her behind offensive.

Basically, non-gamers are upset that a videogame might be sexist.  I know, what a bore, right?  When don't non-gamers get upset over something even the slightest bit not politically correct appearing in a videogame?  (um, the would be "never" by the way)

But (sorry, no pun intended) it get's weirder because the game mode in question sounds kinda bat**** insane to me.  In what is being called "capture the babe" mode, the goal is to carry a woman from one base to the other, smacking her on her backside if she get to hysterical.  It's like capture the flag, only with more domestic violence.  

Look, I get that Duke Nukem Forever is sexist and over-the-top completely intentionally, and I'm not agreeing with the petitioners by any stretch of the imagination, but the game-mode in question just sounds stupid to me and designed to invite the kind of attention its getting - all while our rights to even purchase games like DNF are under review by the Supreme Court.

It's all a bit like having a gasoline fight during a forest fire, if you ask me.

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