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Ah, video games.  Who knew they were the work of the Satan?  Good thing certain members of government aren't fooled!  They see video games for the new devilry that they are, and they want to take video game regulation out of the hands of the ESRB and place it where it belongs -- in the hands of the U.S. government.  Well, if you (instead) happen to be one of those unruly, unprincipled individuals that thinks the ESRB can handle video game regulation just fine -- thankyouverymuch -- then you can join the fight against gov't regulators in the Video Game Voters Group (VGVN) on Facebook.

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The Fight for Video Games Launches Into Facebook - Become a Fan Now!


The Video Game Voters Network (VGVN) is committed to raising awareness of the fight against video game regulation where ever we can. That's why we've launched a Facebook page, to help spread the word in this increasingly popular social networking site.

If you're already on Facebook, become a fan of our page, and then you can help spread the word about the fight to your friends on Facebook - show AND share support now!

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If you're not on Facebook, you may consider signing up here.

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Wall of Protest Highlights:

The Wall of Protest Against Video Game Regulation features video game enthusiasts from across the nation and the world. The Wall raises awareness and displays the passion behind this issue from both within and outside of the video game community.

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Featured Voice For Video Games:

The VGVN features written testimony from thousands of individuals stating why video games need to remain free of government regulation. Timothy from Lumberton, NC is this month's featured Voice and writes: 

Timothy G.

"There are games that are suitable for all ages, and then there are games for adults. Hence the ESRB. It is not up to the developers of games to keep the "Mature" content out of the hands of children or people that do not have the maturity to play such games. It is up to the people that sell the games and most importantly, the parents...The parents are the biggest part of it all. So parents, don't ruin it for every one else, please take it upon yourselves to monitor what your children play, just as you would monitor what they watch on TV and the movies they watch."



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