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We've been posting stuff for Gratuitous Tank Battles for quite some time now, from alpha footage and the new website last November to a new trailer just a couple weeks ago after the game's release.  You might look at the videos and wonder if it's the game for you, but how do you know for sure unless you actually try it?

Well, now you can.  For gamers wishing to try out Gratuitous Tank Battles to see if it's for them, they can now download the demo from or from Steam.

For Immediate Release
At long last! We knew this point in the war would come at some stage! Positech Games are happy to announce that a demo is available now for Gratuitous Tank Battles, their innovative indie strategy / tower-defense / management / sim game for the PC.
You can grab the demo either from the official site at
or from steam

Gratuitous Tank Battles is the spiritual successor to indie hit 'Gratuitous Space Battles', the 'hands-off' battle simulation set in a universe at perpetual war. GTB is set in an alternate earth history where World War I never ends, and Axis fights Allies across Europe in the year 2114 complete with a mix of Tanks, Infantry and futuristic mechs.

Unique Features (why GTB is different from every other tower defense game).

·         GTB allows you to play in either the role of attacker or defender on any of the maps
·         GTB has support for ‘adaptive’ Ai instead of pre-scripted waves of enemies, making the gameplay far more complex and fluid.
·         There is a built-in easy-to-use map editor that makes changing an existing map or creating a new one accessible for everyone.
·         An integrated online-challenge system allows you to easily download and play any map that any other player of the game has made and shared, for infinite gameplay variety.
·         Every unit in the game is designed and customised by the player. No more stock units. GTB relies on a high degree of player customisation.
·         You can play an attacking game, then save out a recording of your attack, then play against yourself in a defenders role.
·         The game is easy to mod, adding new units can be done by anyone with a paint program and notepad.
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