The coolest thing I've ever seen: Real world Mass Effect N7 assault rifle

by: Nathaniel -
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Man, just when I start to feel like I'm OK with where I'm at in my life, something like this comes around and makes me realize how I've wasted it.  There's this guy named Harrison Krix (aka: Volpin) who is a graphic designer in Atlanta, and when he's not doing that, he's fabricating movie-quality prop versions of videogame weapons.  His latest can be seen below.  It is an N7 assault rifle and is apparently an original design based on weapons from Mass Effect 3.  I thought I'd done something special when I managed to recreate the Avenger AR to plaster all over my Forza 3 cars, but what Volpin has done makes we want to curl up in a ball and cry.  You can see the finished product below and check out his flickr account for a more detailed look into the whole construction.  

[via: Ign]
[source: Kotaku]

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