The community creations of Saints Row IV

by: Nathan -
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One of the things I love the most about the Saints Row games is the freedom they give you to truly create any character you want. It's just that much more awesome playing these open world, sandbox type games as a character that you created yourself and I think it's a shame that more games of this genre don't offer the same kind of freedom. The other cool thing is that Volition allows players to upload their creations to the community site and then download characters other people have created to their game. 

So I searched the Saints Row IV community site to bring you some of my personal favorites. This should also give you an idea of what is possible in game. Keep is mind that these creations are from the Inauguration Station which you can download on Xbox Live and PC right now. The PS3 version will be available on August 13th. When the game is released there will be many more clothing items that can be purchased in game to create even more unique characters. 

Be sure to check out the official website for the community creations to see even more characters from Saints Row fans. 

Saints Row IV releases 10 days from now on August 20th.


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